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University of SunShine Coast,

University of Sunshine coast is...

USC's academics are experts in delivering a quality education. USC has received 5 stars for teaching quality (the highest rating for any public university in Queensland) 7 years running.USC’s campus provides a unique backdrop for your studies. Renowned for its environmentally sustainable design, distinctive architecture and modern facilities, the campus is a full-service experience with cafes, an art gallery, book shop, sports precinct, and iconic library, not to mention the latest in study facilities. Plus... the top 3 reasons to go to university Pursue a passion If you're passionate about what you’re studying, you’re more likely to succeed. A USC study showed almost half of new students chose a program to pursue their interests or for self-improvement. Clearly defining your personal or career goal before you start can help you stay motivated during study. If you already know the path you want to follow, or need help deciding, visit us at Open Day or another information session and we’ll help guide you in the right direction. Earn more Those with a university degree are likely to earn around $1 million more over their lifetime than someone with a Year 12 qualification1. $52,000 is the median starting salary for bachelor graduates aged under 25 (in their first full-time employment).2 Be more employable Graduates get jobs. 76% of Australian university graduates seeking full-time employment find a job within 4 months of completing their bachelor degree2. Graduates have more jobs to choose from. The variety of skills and knowledge gained from a degree can open doors to more job opportunities across more industry sectors.

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