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RAFFLES Sydney (Commerce and Design)

Raffles Sydney is located in Aus ...

Raffles College Pty Ltd (trading as Raffles College of Design and Commerce) is a unique education provider based in Sydney, Australia specialising in design, visual communication and business.In 2005 the college joined the Raffles Education Corporation, Asia Pacific's premier creative design and business education provider with a network of over 28 colleges across the Asia Pacific region, including locations such as Singapore, China, and Thailand. As part of the Raffles Education Corporation, there is an exciting opportunity to study part of your degree at one of our other group locations. A big advantage in the global world of design influenced and enhanced by local cultures and ideas. Our students Who studies here? We are as individual as you are. The variety of courses available means that we also have a wide variety of students from Australia and all over the world. Students at Raffles College come from all over the world, but the majority come from Australia. Currently over 60% of our student population is Australian, which gives international students a great opportunity to study in a uniquely Australian environment. Australian students also benefit from the exposure to a wide array of cultural influences. There are about 700 full-time students currently enrolled in Sydney across our range of courses. There are also a substantial number of students doing their degree at one of our Associate Colleges. Why you should study here? Our graduates have an enviable employment record. Feedback from employers is extremely positive with comments generally praising our graduates for their professional approach, technical proficiency, good communication skills and enthusiasm. This could be you. Whether you already have a career pathway in mind, or you're unsure which direction to take, we can help you open the door to a future that's full of possibilities.

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