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AIT (Academy of Information Technology)

AIT is the information technology institute ....

Mission The Academy of Information Technology has as its primary purpose the provision of education in both the vocational training and higher education sectors; and is committed to support free intellectual enquiry and to nurture a culture of scholarship throughout the organisation. Vision AIT will be a specialist higher education provider in the local, national and international communities. It will continue to be well-known for its academic quality, innovation, industry relevance, and promotion of technical critique. AIT’s values of tolerance, impartiality and integrity will continue to embrace multicultural and international views. AIT’s learning environment remains centred on the care of each students and on service excellence. The “AIT Experience” will be stimulating, memorable and fun with the close collaboration of the Student Council and staff. ATI’s alumni will retain a sense of collegiality that will grow through their common sense of achievement and their individual interests. AIT will employ entrepreneurial spirit to develop a broad base of revenue and sustainability. THE BEGINNING: 1999 Founded in the beautiful city of Sydney in 1999, AIT has been home to thousands of students from Australia, North and South America, Asia and Europe. We offer Bachelor and Vocational courses which are recognised by most of Australia’s leading universities. We provide an exciting and inspiring education that prepares students for successful careers in 2D and 3D animation, games development, digital media, graphic design, interactive website design, software development and online business. This is achieved through a dynamic curriculum that is regularly updated to meet industry and market trends, as well as through experienced staff and a creative learning environment. Our students and instructors share a passion for the unique blend of art and technology, where technology and creativity converge. But most of all, students come to AIT seeking the practical skills, in-depth knowledge and experience they need to enjoy a fulfilling career, doing what they love. AIT was the first school in the country to offer a motion capture facility in 2003 and is the first organisation in Australia to offer markerless motion capture in 2010. We also have the latest multimedia workstations, powerful software for 3D environments and real-time interactivity. In late 2010, we moved to our new state-of-the-art premises in Sydney’s Education District of Ultimo. This purpose designed, vibrant new campus located midway between Sydney University and University Technology Sydney has already inspired many! We stay connected to industry by supporting multimedia events, involving professionals in our curriculum development and participating in industry conventions and exhibitions. Our graduates work all over the world, pursuing careers in graphic design, multimedia productions, games, film, and much more. While building their imaginative portfolios of professional, quality work to carry into their careers, they also build a network of life-long friends and colleagues to share knowledge and experiences, around the globe.

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