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Waikato University

Waikato Uni is one ov the top leading universities in the world....

It is one of the Top Leading Universities of the World. The University Strategy was adopted by Council in September 2009 for the period 2010-2013. The University Strategy, which flows from the University's Charter and Vision, serves as a high-level template for integrated planning across the University. The University has identified six inter-related strategic goals to enable us to fulfil our commitment to our Charter and realise our Vision. Each of these goals is associated with a number of actions which will strengthen our position and our reputation as a world-class university. Goals Goal 1 Provide a world-class, relevant and sustainable programme of teaching and learning. Goal 2 Be recognised nationally and internationally as making a contribution to New Zealand's tertiary education and research sectors that is significant, distinctive and reflective of the University's values. Goal 3 With an international perspective, contribute to the educational, social, cultural, environmental and economic development of our region and nation. Goal 4 Be recognised nationally and internationally for research excellence in our areas of expertise. Goal 5 Achieve management and operational excellence in support of teaching, learning, postgraduate supervision and research. Goal 6 Apply strong leadership and best practices to ensure that governance and management activities are coordinated, complementary and effective in achieving the University's goals. The Faculties and Schools of Study FACULTY OF ARTS AND SOCIAL SCIENCES The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences offers a wide range of qualifications from undergraduate certificates, diplomas and degrees through to postgraduate research. Subjects taught within the Faculty include the Social Sciences, the Humanities, including a number of modern foreign languages, and the Performing Arts. FACULTY OF COMPUTING AND MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES The Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences provides a stimulating and leading-edge environment of quality relevant teaching programmes and world-class research, producing graduates well matched for the challenges of the contemporary and future workplace. FACULTY OF EDUCATION The Faculty of Education provides programmes in areas such as teacher education, sport and leisure studies, counselling, human development, education, educational leadership and education studies. It distinguishes itself among other education schools through its tradition and reputation for innovation, leadership and research. TE PIRINGA - FACULTY OF LAW The Te Piringa - Faculty of Law provides an innovative, student-focused Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree in a stimulating academic environment. The Faculty’s founding goals of professionalism, biculturalism, and the study of law in context attract an exciting and diverse group of staff and students. SCHOOL OF MĀORI AND PACIFIC DEVELOPMENT The School of Māori and Pacific Development offers programmes in Māori language and linguistics, culture, customs, creative and performing arts, media and communication, Treaty of Waitangi, and development studies. FACULTY OF SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING The Faculty of Science and Engineering offers a range of innovative programmes for the undergraduate degrees of Bachelor of Engineering with Honours, Bachelor of Science, and the Bachelor of Science (Technology). The Faculty also hosts the Environmental Research Institute and the only university based Ministry of Science and Innovation (MSI) funded Outcome Based Investment on freshwater restoration. Commercial units include Carbon Dating, Stable Isotopes and DNA Sequencing. WAIKATO MANAGEMENT SCHOOL Throughout its 36 years, Waikato Management School has distinguished itself among New Zealand business schools by the relevance and rigour of its education and research, and its belief that business and enterprise are most successful when they improve the communities, societies, and nations in which they operate.

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