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Mon-Fri 9:00AM - 6:00AM
Sat - 9:00AM-5:00PM
Sundays by appointment only!


What is consultant availability? How responsive can I expect my consultant to be?

Consultants are completely accessible and amenable to working around your busy life, scheduling appointments in the evening and on weekends. In order to achieve this, we limit the number of clients we take. Our consulting refuses to be a bottleneck in this process; we are extremely responsive. 

What types of clients do you work with?

We have worked with clients from every type of background.  We have seen it all low GPA,low Marks in Intermediate, low GMAT, Gap in studies/work experience, lack of community service, people from over-served demographics, bankers, consultants, lawyers, recently unemployed, doctors, teachers, entrepreneurs, people who work with their family’s company, non-profit managers, engineers.

How long does it take for METROPOLITAN Consultancy to lodge my application?

We have highly qualified and dedicated team of professionals who are solely appointed to process your applications. Once we have received all relevant & Required documents from you (i.e. no further outstanding documents) our turnaround times to lodge applications are as follows:
Student Visa application: Lodged within 5 working days
Visit Visa application: Lodged within 7 workings
IELTs/TOEFL: Application lodged within 24hrs

Who do I make my deposit draft or Fee payable to?

You can make your deposit draft payable to your prospective institution from which we have received your offer letter. Visa application fees deposit drafts have to be made as per the diplomatic instructions only.

Is it possible to defer my entry to a subsequent intake?

Universities/Colleges are flexible towards this request but it is advisable that you promptly inform US about your intentions to defer the course. You will also be required to put forward your request to defer in writing to METROPOLITAN Consultancy so we will forward this to our partnered institute for approval.

Is it simple to get a student/Visit visa?

The process is very defined if you are working with qualified and motivated Consultants like METROPOLITAN Consultancy. We believe your time, money and career aspirations are very important assets and we strive to offer you successful outcomes. We ensure that your case is submitted accurately and all legal requirements are met according to the Visa office standards

Are there scholarships available for international students?

Scholarships are offered for postgraduate Courses in the destinations we deal with; unfortunately there are virtually no scholarship given to International students wanting to study undergraduate programs. The scholarships are very limited and the criterion is extremely hard and lengthy. We suggest that you speak with our advisor first, so the Diplomatic missions to get more information on Scholarships.

Do you work with re-applicants?

If you applied on your own, were unsuccessful, and want to try again, we’d love to speak with you.  Every year, we have clients reapply and earn acceptances from the embassies with grace of ALLAH.